Fizz puppy update after one week

I expect you are wondering how puppy life is going. Well here are two diary extracts from week one. The first written by me, the second by Fizz (she's clever like that) so you can get a feel for it all yourself

Week one of puppy life.

Day 1 Fizz is very cute and starting to get used to everyone in the house. She was a little wary of Mr TM to start with but is growing to like him too. She is not eating as much as I thought she would, but seems fine
Fizz border terrier puppy
Day 2, Fizz slept well in her crate, only whining a little bit at 4:15am. I hardened my heart and she stopped after 10 minutes. Crate was dry and poop free in the morning. Fizz spent the day playing with everyone
Fizz border terrier puppy
Day 3 , no whining at night, she was happy to pop into her crate at bedtime. I was off to work and DD off to school so Mr TM was in charge. Arrived home to find them snuggled up in the lounge listening to the radio. Fizz is a real lap dog and loves a cuddle.
Day 4, still fine at night, the odd accident in the house but nothing much. Fizz has become more confident and has started nipping during playtime. We are working on 'no biting'.
Fizz border terrier puppy
Day 5, Her true terrier nature has emerged now that she has properly settled in. Still fine at night, a whirlwind at playtime, all fun and sharp puppy teeth, I'm covered in puncture wounds and blood.
Day 6, Fizz went to the vet for her vaccinations. The vet and all the staff fussed over her. The vet warned the jabs may make her tired. They didn't. Teeth
Day 7 dear lord the teeth!!
dog toy lion
Day 8 trip to Pets at Home to buy a new toy, everyone admired Fizz, and Fizz chose a cuddly Lion as her new toy

Week one in my new home

Day 1 -We went in a car for 100 years and it was horrible and boring and I couldn't see or sleep. It is all very new, the lady that took me to her house seems nice, there is a smaller one like her who is nice too. A hairy faced person is scary, but he has a lap so I will probably be his friend
Fizz border terrier puppy sleeping
Day 2 at 4:15 am I was bored, I sung the song of my people (loudly), no one cared. Played, ate, tasted everything in the garden, slept.
Day 3 the hairy faced man and I were left together for the day, we played and snoozed, it was ace
Day 4 I love it here, it's all great, everyone is nice, I can do what I like!
Fizz border terrier puppy
Day 5 - the garden is huge and I can run fast fast fast. There are plants, I can tear them with my teeth, there are sticks and toys and I can bite bite bite. It is the best fun. I'm tired
Day 6 We went out and met some people who looked at me, one shone a light in my eyes and I DID NOT LIKE, but everyone else snuggled me so it was OK. Bite all the things! and I can growl. I am a tiger!
Fizz border terrier puppy sleeping
Day 7 plans include running and biting, fast fast fast. Also snuggles on laps.
Day 8 They took me out! The car was fast fast and I could look and see but not jump. There were people and they stroked me, I did not bite them. I bit a lion. He is my friend, we play rats together, he is the rat, I shake him dead.
Fizz border terrier puppy playing

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