Don't Piss on my Parade

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Ah bloggers. What are we like.

Well some of us are lovers and all nice and snuggly and supportive of each other, and some are snarky bitches (I'll let you decide which camp I fall into).

A recent semi-viral blog post suggests that all 'mummy bloggers' (and man oh man how I loathe that term) are 'fucking shit'. (and no I'm not linking to it) Don't hold back lady, tell it like it is. I mean obviously first you should use a paragraph or two to remind us that you made gazillions of dollars from your blog and had all the hits and were excellent and that, but then tear us all off a strip for being boring, parochial and tedious. No go ahead, we'll wait. Because you see, most of us don't care. We don't care what you think. You are one person, on the internet! and we all know what the internet is like, full of rude trolls hoping to get popular by being vile.

The honest truth is that blogs, bloggers and especially parent bloggers (we are not all mummies) vary. Some are good, some are boring (and even the great ones write the odd boring post) , some are hilarious. And loads of us write for ourselves. I've been writing this blog, with hardly any readers for over 10 years. When I first started it I had zero hits a week. Zero. But I didn't care because I'm fucking amazing (see we can all swear, ever though it's neither big nor clever) and my blog is about me, for me, by me. Guess what! It really is all about me! If someone wants to read about me or what I like or what I reviewed, good luck to them, I love to have them here, it's fab! (You still reading? yes you - I love you!) If someone wants to send me something to review even better. I don't make money from my blog, I have fun here.

Most parenting blogs are like that and that is great, it is what they are for! They share parenting worries, triumphs and funny stories, cute babies and tales of losing the cat in the dishwasher. We parents like to have a network of friends and when some parents are distanced from 'real life' friends by circumstance the club of parents online can really help. New parents can feel supported and relieved, older parents can feel that our knowledge isn't wasted, and we can laugh at some of our old mistakes being made again. Mummy and daddy blogs don't suck, they help.

I'm sorry that you, dear Ex-Mummy Blogger, are so bitter, twisted, and generally disillusioned with blogging that you felt the need to slag off everyone else rather than just quietly saying goodbye and walking away from blogging. It takes a special kind of mean to piss on someone else's fun because you are not having any. I assume you were the kid that took the ball home so no one else could play. That's sad. I hope you stop hating yourself, and stop hating everyone else too. Personally I shall continue to read mummy blogs (and daddy blogs) sometimes I will laugh, often I'll cry, or nod, or get advice; and sometimes I'll skim read (like I did most of your hideously unpleasant rant) but bloggers seem to me to be fairly awesome.

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Thank you if you read this ragey post and thank you if you are a blogger, keep doing what you do.

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