Wordy Wednesday with Brian Rathbone

Welcome one and all to the first Wordy Wednesday in April. No April fool though as I introduce the writer Brian Rathbone to you all. Brian Rathbone is a bit of an odd duck. After starting life as a professional horse trainer working on the farm with four generations of his family, he made the logical jump to technology guru and epic fantasy writer. Now, he spends a little too much time telling questionable dragon jokes on Twitter.

And so to the questions:

Why did you start writing?
Ever since I discovered speculative fiction, I knew I would someday write my own stories. I thought about my world, characters, and plots for more than 20 years before I finally started writing. On my way home from a conference in 2005, I knew my technology career was coming to an end—I had simply lost the desire to continue. While sitting in the Atlanta Airport on a 2-hour layover, I started writing Call of the Herald. I've never looked back.

What 3 things (not including paper, computer, pens) would you like to facilitate a good days writing?
First, I try to set aside entire days for writing, if not weeks or months. I do better when I can concentrate and not have to shift gears between multiple thought processes. Secondly, I take a walk and gather my thoughts. Once I have a scene playing smoothly in my head, I sit down and write it as quickly as I can. A cup of tea is never far from my grasp.

Do you write to a schedule, eg every day or three times a week, set times, etc or do you write as and when the mood strikes?
Now that I write full time, I aim to write a chapter a day five days a week, or roughly 4,000 words a day. I tend to do my best writing between 2pm and 8pm. My other best time to write is when there is no one else around. Sometimes we have to take whatever opportunities present themselves. When I had a full-time job, I used to write nights, weekends, sick days, and vacation days. It wasn't always easy.

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What are your favourite biscuits?
Since I live in the southeastern United States, the word 'biscuit' likely has a different meaning than elsewhere in the world. Here biscuits are floury, bread-like concoctions, and they never really were my favorite things. On the sweet side, what we call 'cookies', I was always a fan of my mother's molasses cookies. For the sake of my blood sugar, I pretend such things no longer exist. (American biscuits and gravy is one thing that I think looks terrible! So yes, cookies...mmmm molasses)

Where do you do most of your writing?
I live in a log home in the mountains, and my recliner looks out on the best view from my property. It's an inspirational spot for me. : This sounds amazing, I'm often envious of writers' spaces, they sound so lovely

What book(s) are you reading at the moment?
I'm currently reading and editing Onin by Jack McCarthy. It is one of the first books in my fantasy series written by another writer. Morgen Rich's Ascension is on deck. There's nothing quite like reading stories about my characters and world for the first time—magic.

Have you had a good or bad 2015?
The fact that 2015 was my first full-year as a full-time writer made it a pretty good year. The loss of my father also made it one of my toughest. My latest novel, Dragon Airways, will be dedicated to his memory. He is sorely missed. He was a life-long professional horse trainer but could no longer do what he loved. In spite of being terrified of computers, I trained him to help me with my social media outreach efforts. In the last year of his life, he introduced me to more than 75,000 potential readers. I am very proud of what we accomplished together. : I'm very sorry for your loss, though it sounds as if your father left a great legacy.

Do you have writing plans for 2016? Are they secret or could you share a teaser?
I'll be writing the fourth and final trilogy in the World of Godsland fantasy series. I can hardly believe it. Such an accomplishment seemed like an impossible dream for much of my life. It gives me goosebumps.

If you could genetically cross and animal with a fruit or vegetable what would you choose and why? I'm currently thinking of a baboon blueberry...I think you can see where that is going...
I love Maine Coon cats. My wife and I had two boys who were like our kids. Losing them was tough. Through some trick of fate, two Maine Coon cats showed up out of the woods in desperate need of help over a two year period. It took me a year to touch one of them, but now he is my best buddy. Since Sir Thomas is an orange Maine Coon cat, I feel like I have already done this and couldn't be happier with the result. He's a good boy, as is his 'brother' Mr. Fancy Pants. (I guess he gets squeezed a lot?!)

If reading and writing were banned on pain of death, what would you do instead?
First, I would fight the ban…but in the spirit of your question, I would likely spend much of my time experimenting with alternative energy solutions, which has long been a passion of mine. I also love classic cars and plan to restore a 1971 z28 Camaro split bumper.

If you could take any fictional character out for lunch, who would you choose and why? And where do you think you'd go to eat?
A nice cup of tea with Raistlin Majere at the Inn of the Last Home would suit me just fine—and maybe some spiced potatoes. We'd likely have to walk there, since the kender has my keys…and my car…and my wallet. I hope Raist doesn't mind footing the bill.
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I confess to being a dragon obsessive, so I shall be adding Brian's books to my 'to read' pile. The 9-book Godsland bundle is available free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers and represents his first decade of writing, it is £6.52 to purchase.
Catrin Volker dreams of a peaceful life training horses. It's not to be. Comets appear in the night skies, announcing the return of a goddess. While trying to save her friend from bullies, Catrin unknowingly triggers powerful, ancient magic, and fulfills a prophecy that says she will destroy entire nations. Her quest for peace captures the imagination with fantastical landscapes, magic and dragons.
Thank you again for coming to read and as always thank you to our featured author.

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