Special Susie Children's Book Giveaway

Hello blog fans (I said that in a Roland Rat voice...old people will understand)

Today I have a treat - free books!

After interviewing Stephen Adams a while ago I was offered a set of his stories to giveaway.

Cute stories about a little girl called Susie, who is special to her family, just like all children are. She is caring, nosy and brave. And like many children she is not always 'good' but she always means well. Susie also has a love of coloured hair ribbons. The books are mystery stories, and Susie (sometimes with help) solves them.
stephen a adams special susie books giveaway

A lovely bedtime read or a simple read for new readers. You can win all three books in this UK only, free to enter, giveaway. Each Book is signed by the author. You just need to use the Rafflecopter thingamy-bob. Thanks! (Ends 27/02/2016)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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