Wordy Wednesday - The Round Up Edition

So it's Wordy Wednesday and I've been treating you to author interviews since May 2015 when I first thought of it. I started it in a silly response to Wordless Wednesday posts, and because I am an author groupie and it seemed like a cunning way to meet authors, even if only online. Along the way I have met some fabulous new friends, been gifted some lovely books (real, audio and Kindle) and shared some fun questions.

Today is a round up of the fun we've had so far but this is far from the end of a series, and more author interviews will be coming soon. If you are an author or know one that would like to be featured - do get in touch.

The whole thing kicked off with an interview of Miranda Dickinson, and author with an appropriate twitter handle both for herself and for my feature!

Next I interviewed my own baby brother, now a writer of historical (and somewhat bloody) fiction, Matthew Harffy.

An interview with one of my favourite children's authors, Andy Stanton, followed. He of Mr Gum fame, a fine and funny chap (Andy, not Mr Gum, Mr Gum is a horror and a lazer)

Aimee Horton gracefully agreed to answer my silly questions in May 2015 too.

Joanne Harris, author of, among other things, the delicious Chocolat, kindly invited me to her virtual shed and agreed to chat over tea and biscuits at the beginning of June.

Ed Kendrick, newly self published author, father of lots and a good friend followed Joanne in the interview chair.

Things took an intellectual turn next when I interviewed Dr Sara Read.

I discovered a wonderful murderous and dreamy new book as well as making the acquaintance of its writer in June when I quizzed Marion Grace Woolley.

Joanne Mallon was a change from fiction writers, and she shared social media lessons with us all.

Greg Jenner also kept us on the factual path, though in a light hearted way, and managed to add his book to many Christmas lists when I interviewed him and featured his book in July.

Stephie Chapman kept us amused with a summer romance read.

Zaro Weil put up with my questions and even sent me a copy of her eco-themed childrens book.

Mary Kendrick (lovely wife of Ed) shared her answers as she continues to write and move toward her goal of being a published author.

Mike Russell shared strange answers to be strange questions ans sent me a copy of his strange book in August.

And Elaine Spires tried (and failed) not to make me jealous of her second home when she answered my questions the following week.

Rob Grimes dared to bare all (metaphorically speaking) when it was his turn in the hot seat.

The lovely and snuggly Amanda Jennings also agreed to be quizzed - her dark books are far from her lovely friendly sunny nature! It's amazing how these authors have such awesome imaginations.

Dave Turner - who is quite funny if you pay him enough, also deigned to be a featured writer at the start of September.

Laura Clay was seeking a publisher when I interrogated her in the Autumn, I wonder if she has found one yet.

Autumn continued with an interview with Michael Wombat and his 'sexy, funny and bloody' tale.

And just before Halloween I talked to Adele Yeomans about her ghostly books.

Malerie Page increased the heat of my blog with her steamy sex stories in October.

And Sam Coleman shared his neurotic parenting woes and how he dealt with them through writing.

Lauren James also had a turn in the mastermind chair, answering questions on important life questions such as "Tea or Coffee?", and adding another book to the list of books I think my daughter would enjoy.

Josh Sutton carried us into November with promises of camping and delicious food. A change for me to interview a food writer and gourmet!

Ned Alexander took time away from fighting fires to tell me (and you ) about his secret biscuit choices, as well as his books.

Rachel Ward’s first book, Numbers, was shortlisted for the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize, and it was fun to talk to her about that, and sillier issues, such as genetic animal/vegetable crosses...

We then chatted to Anna Vaught who is writing while being a mum to small boys, sounds like a task and a half!

It has been great fun talking to all these authors and sharing the interviews. I look forward to the next batch! I hope you have enjoyed them too - please support authors by reading and reviewing their books and if there are any interviews you missed over the year, do pop back and have a read. I think I may need to re visit some of these authors next year to see where a year has taken them!

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