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Recently I've been excited to see photos of Banksy's new installation 'Dismaland' and I've been dying to see it for myself, but it seems that tickets are hard to get hold of, the travel is a bit far for me and it's only open until the end of September. So it seems that I will have to make do with looking at the art online.

It made me realise how lucky we are to have so much art available at the touch of a button. I have visited (and loved) many famous art galleries, Tate Modern, The National Portrait Gallery, the Prado, Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina SofĂ­a, and more but even if you cannot get to these famous galleries, with the wonder of the internet you can see so many paintings (and other art forms) instantly, even on your phone.

I know that seeing a picture in real life is different, but it is so much better to see something online than not at all. And while art books have been available for years, seeing them involves trips to the library or money to spend. The joy of the internet is so much free art to look at. And then if you like it you could either plan to go and see the real thing or even buy a life sized print of your favourites.

I'm a huge fan of Salvador Dali, Picasso and Goya, loving the dark nightmare-ish qualities of some of those paintings, look at the hideous dark beauty of Goya's work "Saturn devouring one of his sons" for example.

Saturn Devouring one of his sons Prado Madrid
I've seen this one in real life, amazing artist
 There are lots of websites to look at art, Artsy.net is a great place to start, because it has information aboout the artists and the works as well as pictures. (and if you are feeling flush they sometimes have works for sale)

It's a great place for kids to browse too, no worries about them getting bored and playing up in a gallery - let them find what they like in the relative comfort of your own home, children can surprise you with what they like too! Given the chance to look at paintings by the old masters they can also be surprisingly perceptive.

Do you have a favourite piece of art? Do you have any original artworks in your house? Or a reproduction print that your children love? I'd love to know!

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