Poldark drinking game

First there was the Merlin drinking game, then there was the Musketeers (that's still on, do play along!) and now with the joy that is Aidan Turner as Ross Poldark in the new BBC adaptation of Poldark...there is the Poldark drinking game.

As before the rules are simple, if you see a thing on this list happen in the show, you drink. Choose wisely, use shots at your peril, maybe mouthfuls of wine (or tea) or even play with mini marshmallows or skittles, the choice is yours. Have fun, drink responsibly (because those stains won't come out of that sofa)

A beautiful Cornish sunset/sunrise - 1 drink
Two people share a horse - 1 drink
Anyone bleeds - 1 drink
Ross Poldark is topless - 1 drink
Anyone is naked - 2 drinks
Someone leaps to their feet knocking over wine glasses etc - 1 drink
A fight where anyone rolls up their sleeves or removes a coat first - 1 drink
Ross Poldark's ruffled shirt is undone - 1 drink
Ross Poldark brushes sweaty hair from his eyes - 1 drink
Cute dog in the scene - 1 drink
Heaving bosom - 1 drink
A woman slaps a man - 1 drink
A woman tends to a mans wounds - 1 drink
Someone pays for drinks in a pub by flinging money - 1 drink
Bar brawl - 1 drink
Horse canters across the Cornish fields in wide shot to music- 1 drink
Anyone on a cliff top gazing out to sea, includes on horseback - 1 drink 
Every time Ross Poldark has an alcoholic drink - match him drink for drink

That's enough to be going on with. I don't want to die.
Edited 15/03/2015 - Having now watched episode one I have added a couple to the list - sorely tempted to add 'drink anytime the music is so intrusive it makes you scream - but there is not enough alcohol in the land.

Let me know if you play.