Looking forward to 2015

Having looked back over 2014 and looking forward to 2015 I can’t help but think I’m a tiny bit predictable!

So far my plans (subject to change) are looking like this

Starting January with no alcohol, for a month! Yes ladies and gentlemen of the internet, I’m signed up for Dry January to give my waistline a chance to shrink, my purse a chance to refill and maybe my liver to take a holiday! Following on from that my year is shaping up like this:

Spring. In the February half term I’m hoping to visit China Town in London for the Chinese new year and also, at another date, meet up with Motherscuffer for the infamous Pizza Express meal (which I won before she was up the duff and so now I have to drink all the prosecco myself! Which I think you will agree is pretty tragic)
In May I am all booked up for the Elderflower Fields Festival (keep checking my blog for news on tickets for this, I’m hoping to have a competition and some discount codes soon)

Summer will continue the festival theme with a repeat of some of the great festivals of last year, kicking off with Camp Bestival (this year with UNDERWORLD / CLEAN BANDIT / KAISER CHIEFS, and THE CAT IN THE HAT and even DICK & DOM! ),Then Wilderness again, and once more the mad glory of Wadfest – if you have a wacky sense of humour and a Nerf gun (and a tent) you really should join me – so cheap, silly, and kids go for 1p!!

Autumn is looking empty at the moment….plans to be made, DD and I have been toying with some more travel and Iceland is looking like a popular choice, we need to browse some travel sites and books.

Winter will spell my 50th birthday – I probably should have a party – I may also get a new tattoo.

Have you any 2015 plans yet? Or are you just hoping to survive! Let me know what you are up to!

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  1. NO WAY WILL YOU BE 50?! I look forward to your drunken tweets. ;-) I shall be hoping to stay off the alcohol after discovering I am much happier without it. I may see if we can join you for Camp Bestival, it sounds AWESOME! Happy new year. x


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