A Quick Review of My Year - 2014

Spring was rather fabulous with a trip to California (well documented with many photos on the blog, pop back to my April posts for a recap if you missed it.) I was sad to leave my Mustang Convertible behind, I still miss that car – and the cheap US ‘gas’ prices! I also found my self not only nominated for a blogging award, but I became a finalist too! which has never happened before and I was so excited at being a finalist that I even trekked up to London to see who would beat me to the prize. Thank to all at BritMums for that little moment of excitement!

Summer was filled with festival fun, there was the awesomeness of being an official Camp Bestival blogger, where I met up with other lovely bloggers and also managed to convince my sister in law to camp (she hates camping) . What a fabulous festival it was for adults and kids alike. DD and I also went to Wilderness again, sitting in the rain listening to Sam Smith and a gospel choir was a highlight of mine, even though my camping chair broke. DD loved the roller disco far too much and I became addicted to Burger Bear burgers and Monkey Shoulder cocktails. Wadfest was as much stupid fun as you’d expect from a load of eccentric Pratchett fans let loose in an animal sanctuary with a load of Nerf guns and zombie costumes. Summer was also a time to be an author groupie again, meeting up with excellent writers (and drinkers) for a pub lunch in Olde Londone Towne. And of course summer was also the time that DD donated £5 to MND and did the ice bucket challenge, and I donated £50 to CMT to avoid the ice bucket challenge. The UK, and the world, went ice bucket crazy.

Autumn was a time of missing stuff. I missed the Beard and Moustache Competition in Bath, which was a great shame as the pictures looked amazing…all those beards that I wasn’t there to stroke. I also missed Ruth and Marc’s wedding, another fabulous and glamorous affair, with music and merriment. We did however get up to London in October to see the amazing display of poppies at the Tower. (I have bought a poppy so was especially keen to see the art work in situ – my poppy has yet to be delivered) In London DD was delighted to visit Harrods, and we made a trip into the Rain Forest CafĂ© too. Back home DD, DH and I ate the best steak we have ever tasted when we visited a local pub, the Thomas A’ Becket. I cannot recommend them highly enough. If you get the chance you really should eat there!

Winter was (as every winter!) time for my birthday, but it was also a time to see my niece in a hilarious pantomime starring stray spiders! As a family my parents and brother and I all got together for my mums birthday and an early Christmas as ‘some’ people were off on holiday over Christmas! Then it was DH’s birthday, DD’s birthday and a lovely relaxed and quiet Christmas at home…with the odd Nerf gun fight.

I hope you had a lovely 2014 …Next post, my plans for 2015! (including #DryJanuary )

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