Dry January

I'm taking part in dry January this year. For those not au fait with what this entails, dry January is sadly not a guarantee of a rain free month but a chance for people that normally imbibe to ...erm...not.

So for 31 long days I shall be shunning alcohol, no sneaky beer after work, no bottle of cava (and subsequent drunken blog post) on a Sunday after noon, no downing shots until I puke during The Musketeers (well not until February anyway).

What is the point? Well may you ask, it's not long enough to really rest the liver or help my liver function in any way (though I am going to take some milk thistle to see what that might achieve!) and I'm not doing it to raise money for charity (do not get me started on sponsored stuff - that's a whole other post).

I'm doing it because it will be good for me, for me, I'm not saying it would be good for you or you should do it. I hope it will help me sleep better (actually I barely need help there, but maybe I'll be more refreshed from the sleep I do get), I know it will help me save money, at around £5 for a bottle of wine or case of beer I should be £10....£20 .....£30 .... quite a bit better off for not buying it. I also hope it will break the habit of an alcoholic drink each night after work, maybe letting me get back to 'not on a school night'. I'm not a saint or a martyr or better than you, I'm just choosing to not drink alcohol during January.

Why tell us all about it them? Another good question. I think it will be easier and dare I suggest, more fun, to do this as a group with other friends in real life and on social media, also a promise is somehow easier to stick to when you tell everyone about it.

Do you think it's really such a big deal? Well no, not really, I gave up booze no problem for 9 months when I was pregnant and only drank small amounts for the ten months after that as I was breastfeeding, so no I don't think it will be anything other than a minor annoyance.

I'm spending some money on drinks though, just non alccoholic ones. I will be stocking up on Ginger Beer, J2O, sparkling water and various fruit juices, not becasue I think they are healthy but I know I'll get bored of tap water.

Are you taking part? If so what are your reasons? And what will you be drinking instead? I'd love to know.


  1. I'm not taking part....I only usually drink a few glasses of wine on a Saturday evening and look forward to it....Good luck to you though!

  2. I did this last year for the first time, after years of thinking I should, but the only reason I felt I would manage it was because a few twitter chums were doing it. And boy, did it make a difference! I found it so hard on a Friday or Sat night, as it was my relaxation queue. And really hard at the start as I'd been drinking every day over Xmas (like this year). But with twitter it was so much easier. We'd laugh our way through it. I stocked up on Ame, and when the special offer on that had gone, on a really good cordial that I added sparkling water to. Or Tonic and Lemon without the gin! I did it as I'd got too dependent on it, knew it would be good for my liver (just a few days off and your liver recovers) and also better for my sleep. i'm not doing it this year as I know i've got some functions on at the w/es and i don't not want to drink, but i'm stopping drinking on 'school nights'. Good luck!


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