Things I have ticked off a non existant bucket list

I don't have a bucket list but I recently realised that I've done a lot of the things that I see on other peoples! Maybe I have a mental, secret, subliminal bucket list?

Here are things that could be ticked off of the bucket list that I don't have :

  • Been on a Nile Cruise
  • and hot on the tail of that - Been inside the great Pyramid, seen the sphinx, been to the Cairo museum, Valley of the Kings and Luxor (needs it's own post I think!) Visited Abu Simbel

  • Got married, still married 22 years on
  • Had a baby...and have managed to change that baby into a fairly excellent teenager
  • Bred fancy mice (by accident - also, learned how to sex mice)
  • Been to Paris (still need to go to the top of the Eiffel Tower though)
  • Visited Barcelona
  • Rode several looped roller coasters in several countries 

  • Held a tarantula
  • Owned my own dog(s)
  • Driven in a mustang convertible along the Pacific Coast Highway from LA to SF (this one in 2014 in April - proper excellent fun!)

  • Visited Venice Beach, gazed at the body builders at Muscle Beach Gym
  • Took a trip to Alcatraz (not one way!)
  • Been to DisneyLand
  • Been to New York City
  • Been to the top of the World Trade Centres :-(
  • Been to the top of the Empire State Building
  • Been to Glastonbury
  • Seen Tom Jones in Concert

  • Visited Canada
  • Rode in a canoe on a great lake
  • Caught a bullfrog with my bare hands
  • Ridden in a cable car
  • Ridden on a ski lift (chair lift) in the snow
  • Held a python
  • Flown in a small plane (4 seater)
  • Ridden a horse
  • Ridden a camel

  • Bought some taxidermy
  • Visited a Freak Show (twice!)
Meeting the 'Wolf Boy'

What would be ticked off of your (non existent) bucket list? What great things have you done?

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