A little news round up (nothing sad)

​ And now ladles and jellyspoons, a round up of the odder side of life. I love to read the other news, the funny things , the weird things that life throws at us. So here is my news roundup
Retro drinks cabinet with glasses mirror and babycham
Random Drinks anyone? After all - it IS Christmas!
First up, an inspiration to us all - a sausage dog (initially more sausage than dog) shed 50lbs and poses for a calendar. Amazing before and after photos. ​
Next up - a cute proposal story to help us oldies recall those fond days of youthful dating. More great photos to make you smile there.
And how about this guy that decides that 'asking for it' really is the way forward at Christmas, a truly 'non sleazy' way to get those Christmas kisses
Back in the UK there is happy news about an injured parrot after the Scottish SPCA arrive to rescue it
And how big a family is too big? 6 kids? 7? a round 10? This family have 34 and are adding more, love really is limitless (and children really might destroy those last vestiges of good sense you once had) 
I'm sure you have all heard about the stranded seal (I assume he had time to hide his parachute but not quite enough time to get to the rendevous in the woods before his discovery - keep your eyes peeled, the seal invasion has begun, they may already walk among us) He is now biding his time until the reinforcements arrive recovering in a sanctuary.
Feeling less than Festive? Why not read some of these hilarious wish list items kids asked Santa for.
Or Just gaze at these cuter than cute babies, careful, those feeling broody should look away now.
And finally a  round up of some funny tweets - I'm using the HuffPost list this time - but I'm planning my own list next time - HuffPost miss too many gems!

Happy Christmas! And God Bless us, Every one!

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