I have more American readers than British ones

I like to check my stats for the blog, I use Google's basic blogger stats page, the Webmaster page and even StatCounter (I sound obsessed, I'm not they all offer slightly different things)

I love to look at the search terms that found the blog, lots are hilarious! And I like to see if people stay to read more than one page, and do they use the tabs I've created to sort the blog a bit. Do my visitors pop off to look at my camping blog? But I also like to see where my readers are from. A lot of hits are bots of course and so much spam! So I can often discount certain 'guilty' countries if they have high hit numbers. But I can't help noticing I have more American Readers than British ones.

I wonder why. I am clearly (so I assume) a British blogger. I use the moniker 'mummy' rather than 'mommy' in my blog title and my online user name. I blog recipes of Eton Mess. I talk about Jubilees and London Olympics.

I do discuss teen parenting or course - a fairly universal concept I'd imagine, at least in the Western world. And I've been known to throw out advice on potty use (both adults, at festivals, and children). I've ranted about breastfeeding and about birth plans.

But my political rants are mostly English based, and they are rare. And my walks and 'what I've been up to' posts are very English.

Maybe that's the answer, maybe the Americans like a slice of slightly angry British life? Or maybe all my British readers are nervous of being tracked and are using American Proxy servers!

Let me know! Are you American? Do you read my blog often? Why? and I'd love to know how you found me. :-)


  1. I was recommeded to you by a friend who reads your blog. I'm British.

  2. Well it's great to have you as a reader - it would be fascinating to know the gender divide of my readership - but I suspect only the CIA know that :-)

  3. I'm british. It means we are terribly polite and let the Americans come and read first. :D


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