Ooh Flat Lunch box - review

Remember when I saw a new style lunch box on the interwebs and I got quite excited? Excited enough to tell you all about it for free!?

Well guess what, I have been rewarded, rewarded in the form of a new flat lunch box for DD. So that she, and I, could test it out 'in the field' so to speak...well at school as it turns out.

 My first discovery was that initially the zips made it tricky to zip up from flat. However after 3 days of use I was versed in the technique and no longer found it tricky.

The lunch box (bag?) itself is roomy enough for plenty of lunch and being slightly flexible is good for odd shapes. It is made of neoprene so it's great for when you are diving after sharks keeping the food at an even temperature.

There are loads of great colours to choose from and no 'themed' characters so your child won't outgrow it like they will various pigs, trains and kitties. And that's just as well as it's pretty sturdy and I can imagine it will last a while!

As it opens totally flat it is just as I imagined, simple to clean! And it's machine washable too - so you can bung it in with the weekly wash. Perfect! No crumbs in corners, no cracked plastic. I love it.

Folded flat it's quite large so DD tends to only open 2 sides at school. Her friends have declared it 'interesting' and 'cool'.

Being available in smart simple colours would make it good for the office too, opened flat you could use it to protect your suit!

I also think it would be good when camping, as it's its own picnic blanket space! Keeping your snacks off of the grass.

You can but the Flat lunch box at The Nicest Stuff for £27.50 (yes I know it's pricey - but I looked at cheaper lunch boxes and we get through two a year at £8 so....)

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