Well would you look at this!

Ladles and JellySpoons,

I come before you, to stand behind you, to tell you something I know nothing about... (I blogged about silly rhymes here)

This silly introduction seemed apt. I am about to alert you to a product that I have not tried! Have not seen in the flesh and haven't tested!

BUT details of it were emailed to me and I'll be honest I think it looks good!  It's not cheap, but it's on offer at the moment.

'What is this awesome thing?' I hear you mutter - well it is a lunch carrier. Not a box and yet not really a bag. Insulated and also doubles as a place mat when opened up and once empty squashes up into a small flat space in your bag. All of those things appealed to me! Oh and it's machine washable! Hooray - not more trying to wipe out crumbs, or rinsing stuff in the sink.

DD being a teen doesn't want some 'naff' lunch box all plastic and character themed, and while for some time she had a solid box, its lack of insulation was a problem. We bought a plain squishy insulated 'bag' type but it has a 'wipe clean' interior, the corners get full of crumbs and it's just a pain to clean. I really like the look of these neoprene lunch carriers. They come in lots of funky colours too.

What do you think? Am I sucked in by clever advertising? Or do they look good to you too? At just under £20 (currently) are they too expensive?

Love to hear your thoughts.

I haven't been paid, I haven't got a free lunch box, I haven't even been sent a kiss from The Nicest Stuff - though they have followed me on twitter :-)

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  1. I really like the look of those. Too bad they don't sell them in the Netherlands.


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