DD gets terrible hay fever. She gets it in the spring and in the autumn usually, and it's been really bad this week so I guess autumn really is here!

When we went to Camp Bestival we took with us a lovely wicker hamper and a prettily coloured picnic blanket thoughtfully supplied by Piriton's PR team. (Thank you - we've been using it all summer!)

They wanted us to know about the Camp Bestival low allergy garden. What a great idea! While it seems DD copes OK in the garden most of the summer (I think she is a tree and grass pollen allergy type) it's nice to see things that kids can enjoy outside while taking allergies into account.

The vibrant, low allergen garden was designed for all of the family to enjoy, with a dedicated play area for children. The Sneeze Free Garden was created using low-allergen plants, to be appreciated by all who visited the space.
Visitors to the Sneeze Free Garden were also able to learn more about allergies and what causes them by visiting the allergy advice hut, where there was an expert on hand to
provide allergy advice.

We didn't get the chance to actually go in as it was always so busy! Lots of happy kids playing in sand and mums chatting, it looked lovely!
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Suggestions and advice on planting for those with allergies from the Piri Allergy Website include

"Plants that pollinate using the wind are the worst. These plants send
their pollen out into the world to find other plants. Unfortunately,
they often find allergy sufferers.

Some flowers have a heavier pollen that is not spread by the
wind, but instead is transported by the birds who are attracted to the
flower's bright colour and nectar. These are the flowers that you should
plant if you suffer from allergies because you are less likely to come
into contact with their pollen.

Some perennials that are garden friendly for allergy
sufferers are daffodils, crocus, hyacinths, iris, tulips, columbine,
coral bells, peonies, and the ever popular day lily. Bougainvillea and
azaleas are also on this list.

Annuals which have no history of causing allergies are
impatiens, snapdragons, and petunias, geraniums, verbena, pansies, and

Roses are some of the least offending flowers. Their pollen
is large, and less likely to be spread around in the wind. Hybrid roses
have even less pollen than wild roses and their varieties. When choosing
a rose bush, the rule to obtain the least pollen is to choose the rose
with the least smell. A pale pink Cecile Brunner rose and the Banksia
rose produce no pollen whatsoever."

Our garden is fairly good for allergies and mostly perennial flower free, we plant impatiens, geraniums and pansies in the summer, but we do have a rather large silver birch - one of the worst offenders! Poor DD - thank goodness for antihistamines!

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