San Francisco, fog, prison, and sealions

So Wednesday was San Francisco. The morning dawned cool and misty, in fact it was trying to rain.

We took a trip in the morning to Alcatraz. Sadly the Golden Gate Bridge was shrouded in mist/fog so no great photos of the view. But Alcatraz was all I hoped. The "rock" is actually a pretty place, but the cell block, even when full of tourists, is cold, and eery. We saw the cells where famous prisoners were held, and where some escaped from. To stand in a tiny cell knowing people lived in that bleak space for years...part of me thought how it would put you off doing time ever again, but part of me thought that when you were there for year after year after year it would destroy you, and leave you feeling hopeless or violent with no real care as to what happened next. There was a library though, and book privileges, ... very noticeable that the rules and daily routine were spookily similar to the rules and schedule we have for DD ...how she laughed

Blogger Bear (on loan from Bigfashionista) dressed the part...he's not sure if he looks cool, cute or silly. 

We stopped for lunch after the trip, sitting on pier 39 admiring the sea lions as they squabbled and basked. Looking black and sleek when wet but cuddly furry and brown when dry.

We walked along the wharf, and after spotting the simply enormous queue for the cable car ride we decided to take pictures only, and walk up to Lombard street...

We spent some time first listening to the cable, discussing how the cable cars work, no engines or motors, with the cable always moving in the street etc, so all very informative and educational, and then the stroll..

It's one five blocks, how steep can it be? ... Very! I thought I might die, but we made it, took more photos then walked back to the car to leave for the next hotel...

Unfortunately hitting "rush" hour...so that was fun, we took the top down in the car and just patiently crawled out of the city over the Bay Bridge. 

Two hours later we were at the hotel, grabbing a McD to eat in bed and watching crime shows on tv. 

Next, the long drive south down I5.

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