TM Alternative Blog awards - The Results Show.

Ladies, Gentlemen, assorted others, I'm proud to be able to announce the winners of the TM Alternative Blog Awards! The choice was not hard for me because it was a vote so you did it. But the choices you faced were no doubt tricky...whose boobs were snuggliest? Who was the most boring? Well finally you can find out! Without further ado ...

Categories and Winners

  • For Snuggliest Boobs - Joint Winners! (you get nothing for a pair in this game! oo-er missus!) Bigfasionista and Eliza Do Lots!
  • Best Bearded Blogger - Dat Beardy Man! (Well played sir!)
  • Hottest Arse - by a landslide with over 50% of the votes! Jay! @Cosmicgirlie
  • Most Boring Post on a Blog - the dubious honour goes to ... Elizabeth!
  • Blogger I'd most like to Take Home - (and I didn't fix this result - our flirting about yoghurt is coincidental) Bigfashionista!
  • Blogger that made me Cry Laughing in 2013 - Bigfashionista again!! (sexy AND funny! what's not to like!)
  • Angriest Blogger - well it had to be... Cath Janes! Grrr!
  • For Most Positive/Feel Good Blog - the simply wonderful and lovely - MotherScuffer
  • Blog with Best Life advice - Liveotherwise - well done that sensible woman! Always a good source of info in a crisis!
  • For Best Blog that is a Blog - Looking for Blue Sky! Well done - a new contender this year, beating me at my own awards! Display your badge with pride!
Badge you say? Well yes - you won it - you can display it! Grab the code and tell your friends. (and no I'm not reflected naked in the trophy)

Randon Rantings of a Tattooed Mummy

Thank you so much to everyone that took part, for all the people that took the time to nominate, for everyone that voted, it couldn't have happened without you.

And as for the winners, I expect to see acceptance speeches on your blogs Oscar stylie....

For a list of all the nominated blogs (in case you missed it) see here


  1. Oh my word! That made me seriously giggle. Thank you so much :)

  2. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy. I win something. You Like me, you really like me. :D

    Totally grabbing that badge by the way

  3. I am doing a big blubby snotty speech, thank you!

  4. I think I need more ice-cream :))) Thank you!

  5. Congrats to everyone that won

  6. Yeeay! Thank you for the nomination and congratulations to the winners. I hope they wear their badges with pride, especially Eliza for the most boring post - God only knows how she managed to nab that one with a post that had sentences and punctuation and everything. Definitely not a valid winner :P


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