I don't want to sound ungrateful but...

Gratuitous Picture of Mr Tumble
Things I really don't want for valentine's day.

Have you noticed that much like Christmas, Valentine's day is now a marketing dream? "perfect for valentine's day" scream adverts for anything from a compilation Chas and Dave CD, to a set of socket wrenches.
A set of bathroom scales? Perfect for Valentine's, a car wash kit? Perfect for valentine's...

Well you know what? No, no it is not perfect for valentine's day. Neither is a bouquet of overpriced imported roses that will wilt by the 16th. Nor is a box of Milk Tray, or Terry's All Gold..neither is a piece of cardboard with a picture of a kitten holding a rose that mysteriously costs £4.99 (the card not the kitten or the rose)

What would be nice would be some time, a meal cooked, a chance to be in charge of the TV remote for an evening, a snuggle on the sofa, an early night, a lie in, an afternoon to go shopping alone...
Maybe I'm missing the point, maybe I've lost the romance. Or maybe a gift should be what the recipient actually wants.

What would you like for Valentine's day?

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