Poke Cake

You know Kylie? no not the one about the start judging The Voice UK, the other one, the mischievous one, the one from twitter here THIS ONE. Well she's forever getting me to agree to do stuff, she's that naughty girl at school that eggs every one else on to do stuff and then nips off when the teacher comes, the good little one with the naughty friends and I, I am today the naughty one.

Kylie and I do that Pinterest thing. And once we discovered you can send a pin privately to another pinner, with comment! Well, we were gossip ahoy. But not about saucy stuff, not semi naked men and beards (yes yes ok we did send those too) but about the odd thing that is the American RECIPE. It's often not a recipe you see, not as we know it, it's more...well it's more a sort of combining of some packet mixes in ways they were never designed. And so ladies and gentlemen I present

The Poke Cake

A cake made primarily of cake mix and pudding mix. With holes poked down into it for the pudding to seep in all the better... Sounds disgusting, sounds so sweet my teeth ache even looking at it, sounds like a calorie-fest, a cringe inducing horror of a recipe if I'm honest and based on this horror we sent more and more ridiculous 'recipes' to each other.

And then started pinning them. on a shared board. We also discovered hilarious blogs (not linked to spare the author's blushes) where these awful recipes were posted daily with the idea that they were quick, easy fun and (often) healthy. (One used 7-Up to make the cake lighter! yum!)

Time passed.

And they Kylie said (and yes it was her this is not my fault and I'm not staying in for detention) we should have a Bad Food Bake Off and I should host it and do a linky thingy.

So here it is. Find a hideous recipe (it needn't be from Pinterest - the world is your poke cake!) where the majority of the 'ingredients' are mass produced rubbish, and have a bake, take pictures, tell all. Good? Bad? we need to know. Blog and link up below. Enjoy.

I'm planning on trying to make this ...

Link up here! Thanks

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