California Driving Tunes

I'll be meeting up with Mimi, a friend I've known online (and met once in person) for years. I have hired a convertible car and DD and I are planning Thelma and Louise style adventure (with less death hopefully) and so I need some songs to drive to.

Image of me, mimi and DD

I'm planning on popping a few onto my generic mp3 playing thingy (probably my phone actually) and also doing a CD or 4. I plan to take the unabridged Audio Book (on CD) of To Kill a Mocking Bird too, we have a lot of driving to do.

So I'm asking you for some help, some input, some reader participation. So far the tracks I have lined up are

and some Beach Boys of course, California Girls....obviously

San Francisco (Be Sure to Wear Flowers in Your Hair) - of course.

But what other must have driving tunes do two English girls in an open top car cruising the West Coast need?

Suggestions in the comments please!


  1. California! Here we come! The OC Theme Song :)
    Kid Rock - Cowboy
    Chuck Berry - Route 66 (although you may not be on it, still brilliant)

  2. I've just added Hotel California, by the Eagles, to the list...

  3. Also Life in the Fast Lane by the Eagles. Summer of 69 - Bryan Adams?

  4. Life in the fast lane by the Eagles too, and maybe Summer of 69 by Bryan Adams?

  5. The Eagles Hotel California !


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