For the love of Tea - #Competition

A nice cup of tea. What could be better. (shhh no one mention bacon butties or alcohol)

A nice cup of tea, what could be better, suitable for vegetarians, teetotallers and everyone (ha! see what I did!)

I love a nice cup of tea, you know when you make a really good one that is just right, no scum on top, just the right strength and just the right temperature. And that temperature is 60-65oC according to the Royal Society of Chemistry they also point out that the water should be freshly boiled and not re-boiled (something that my husband does grrr!) as previously boiled water will have lost some its dissolved oxygen and that is important for tea flavour.

My tea of choice is Assam. I love its golden colour and taste to wake you up! I always feel its like a 'posh' builder's tea. I drink it white, with one sugar.

My lovely husband drinks green tea (loose leaf only, in a glass cup) with no milk or sugar. But he's weird.

It was with excitement that I discovered the perfect website for the tea lover! The rather aptly named 'Nothing But Tea' (though actually that's a fib as they sell tea related goodies too.)

They are, to be blunt. tea obsessed. It's all about the wonder of proper tea. Honestly take a look, who knew that tea was such an enormous subject, a tea bag is nothing, nothing, the NBT website is alive with the joy of the leaf, the ceremony of the art of tea making. Just a read of the website makes me want to spend time watching my tea brew, to really savour the proper taste of proper tea, and I'm British after all, we are famed for making and drinking tea!

Nothing But Tea shuns the teabag (filled as they are with inferior leaves and dust) and sells only loose leaf (Mr TM will be happy!)

But don't panic, in a hurry you can still make a fast, fuss free brew using the cutest tea ball

Hedwig Tea Ball £3.60

or play submarines in your mug

Submarine tea infuser £4.68
Or go the full ironic and use a teabag shaped infuser

Cute teabag tea infuser!

I bet you fancy a cup of tea now. I know I do. Luckily the lovely people at Nothing But Tea would like to give away a Beautiful Tea set (worth £48)  and a whole box of tea samples to one lucky reader! Could it be you?

To enter use the Rafflecopter thingy below.

You must leave a comment here telling me which is your favourite tea from the Nothing But Tea website (I confess Mexican Sunrise Oolong sounds rather fine!) There are extra entries for Twitter follows, Google+ shares etc.

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