Book Review - Porridge the Two Faced Parrot by Jaylen Grace

I was recently sent a copy of a children's book to review. I worried that it would be too 'young' for my DD who is 14, but it turned out she found it both engrossing and hilarious.So much so that she blogged a review on her own blog here.

I'm not sure what age group the book is aimed at but as the author dedicates the book to 'all kids' I'm going to suggest if your child understands the word 'fart' they are the right age.

Did I mention it's a bit rude? Not the sort of rude an adult minds but just the sort of rude to have small people sniggering in minutes.

The story begins as we meet a deaf granny, a school teacher, a small boy and a rehomed parrot. Farce style misunderstandings abound in the first few chapters and continue through out the book, as Porridge (the parrot) is a suspiciously good mimic of voices and has the knack of saying just the wrong thing at just the wrong time. But Porridge has some other, unforeseen skills...

Both DD and I were pleased the book has a really feel good ending.

A fun bedtime story in chapters for younger kids, or a short read for older kids. Great stocking filler or small gift.

Available at Amazon in Paper back or for Kindle from £2.97 at the time of writing this...

Oh and you could win a copy in paperback! Just use the Rafflecopter thingy and leave a comment below. Winners (2) picked at random. UK only

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  1. I would love a pet parrot. Ideal it would be a blue or green Macaw and I would call it Cotaopaxi (or pax for short).

  2. I would like a blue or a green Macaw and I would call it Cotopaxi or Pax for short.

  3. I would call my pet parrot Velma and teach it to say "jinkies!"

  4. Brian. No idea why, I just like the idea of saying "Hello, this is my parrot he's called Brian" of course it'd have to be a brightly coloured slightly psychedelic parrot.


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