Magpie Monday

I'm writing this on a Friday due to being a tad busy of late - but I shall link it with MissieLizzie's Blog for Magpie Monday where it shall be admired!

On Monday I popped into town for something or other in my lunch hour. While there I wandered into a new Charity shop I have not seen or visited before and I wasn't hunting for anything (although my current charity shop hand bag had just come all unravelled and broken that very day)

So when fate tapped me on the shoulder and pointed out a fine brown handbag I stopped for a look.

I'm not a designer handbag kind of person. I don't think I have even spent more than £25 on a bag and that was probably a one off. If a bag is over £15 I deem it 'pricey'. But (as the art fans say) ' I know what I like' and I liked this, it was big but not too big, smart but not too smart, casual but not... well you get the picture.

It had lots of sections inside, zip up pockets and compartments, phone pockets. It was, in short, lovely.

It was also £7.50. in  Charity shop! I paused but still bought it, even the woman at the counter paused and said "£7.50 is that OK?" as though I may not have noticed, or, more likely, as if I looked like the sort of person that couldn't afford a £7.50 bag.

I have loved the bag since then. Today I read in the BBC News about a lady that stole designer handbags to sell on Ebay and for some reason I peeked at the label in my new bag and googled it.

My bag is a David Jones, RRP of about £50

I feel unexpectedly smug.


  1. Ooooh I love it when that happens!

    What kismet. And what a lovely bag. x

  2. Lovely bag. It was obviously destined to be yours.

  3. I'm coming shopping with you . Fab find


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