An Open Letter to companies that sell us essential services


I'm a customer. I buy {water/electricity/gas/insert any essential service that has been privatised} from you. I feel it's time I put my oar in.

Sometimes you increase the price of the thing you sell.

When this happens many  people understandably panic about how they will afford the bills.

Today I saw a power company has increased their charges. But they helpfully claimed they could help customers use less of their product and so keep the costs down.

Do you take us for fools?

There are two main problems with your premise. The first is that we are willy nilly squandering the product/service we buy from you. Turning on all our electrical appliances and flinging open windows in the winter, closing them in summer and using fans instead. Running hot baths and leaving them to cool on a daily basis, boiling kettles of water that we do not need, washing clothes that are already clean. That we switch on the TV even when we are not watching and that each year we turn the heating UP one degree.

The thing is, we don't. We are already using the minimum we can because, newsflash, we are not idiots.

The second issue is why? Why? would you help us use less and therefore spend less? YOU JUST PUT THE PRICE UP! You want to earn more. If you wanted to help us, surely you would  have kept the price down in the first place.

So the price has gone up, I cannot be colder or wash less etc etc

Therefore I shall have to pay more.

Stop pretending to be my friend and advisor.


Most of the planet.


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