Commenting on a Blogger Blog from an Apple device

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I don't know if I mentioned it but I won an iPad.

Now as a confirmed Android user I had never planned on venturing over to the dark side that is iOS.

But I have been assimilated. No one would turn down a free iPad.

I knew from comments on twitter and elsewhere that my blog was out of bounds to iOS users. They could read but they couldn't comment. I heard it all the time.

"Oh I wrote a huge comment and then when I clicked submit it vanished"

"I can't comment now, I'm on my iPhone/iPad/iPod, I'll do it later form my PC/laptop"

So when I got the iPad up and running I vowed to solve the issue. They were right of course, Apple's standard browser (and the beautiful shiny straight jacket that is the iPad doesn't let you choose a default browser like Android does) doesn't let you comment on a Blogger blog. For shame Apple.

I tried my favourite browser (the one I use by default on Android) Dolphin, but that didn't work either. I was sad.

So I Googled for an answer (using Dolphin, out of spite) and found this helpful blog post.

And discovered that the FREE browser Opera allows you to comment on a Blogger blog. I tested it on Big Fashionista's blog, I probably should have tested it on The Chimping Dandy's as he's still mad at me about the iPad thing. (Did I mention I won an iPad?) and it worked like a charm.

Hoorah! I have used Opera in the past on Android but it's not my favourite. But it will fast be my favourite on iOS if it allows me to comment easily on blogs! Download it now from the App store (just search Opera Browser), then leave a comment ;-)

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