Good Golly Miss Molly! (as they say)

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I don't say that.

I say 'Crikey!' or 'Blimey!' or even 'Lawks!' because I like to use archaic ejaculations in the style of William Brown or Aunt Fanny from the Famous Five Stories.

And when I received an email from the 99p Stores to say I'd only gone and won the #my99psummer competition..(remember this blog post, and this one, and this one) well, you could have knocked me down with an avian flight implement.

I said all of the above, and more! 'Zounds!' I cried. 'Gadzooks!'

'I've only gone and won a blooming iPad!'

I sent a text to tell DD who promptly shrieked and did a small impromptu dance of joy causing consternation to fellow commuters and school kids on the train.

I have never owned an Apple product. So I shall no doubt blog about it (maybe from it!) once it is in my aged and wrinkled hands. I cannot wait.

I have been assimilated. Resistance was futile.

Thank you 99p Stores :-)

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