Beards, Beards, Beards

The blog post that gets the most hits is the one I (drunkenly) wrote about beards.

This pleases me as it means that many people like beards as much as I do.

Beards are very popular at the moment, (Chimping Dandy explains here, very eloquently, why this may be so) I hope they remain so for a long time, though I suspect that by becoming 'fashionable' beards may have sounded their own hairy death knell as fashions come and go and next thing you know it will be the 'smooth faced boyish good looks' that are fashionable and men will all shave and apply moisturiser 7 times a day including while on public transport....

Unless of course Justin Bieber succeeds in growing his beard, and then all teens the world over will be rushing out for the latest trend BEARD IMPLANTS (yes it's a thing.)

But never mind all that. I love beards. Often when out and about I see a man with a beard that is so gorgeous I feel faint. I stare. (I realise that this beard thing is much like the boob thing men do, and I'm not even sorry, for years women have said "Excuse me, those are boobs, my eyes are up here" when in conversation and finally it is men's turn to be objectified, so that they may find themselves saying "excuse me that is my beard, my eyes are up here) Actually a few blogs already objectify men regularly, have a peek at BigFashionista's weekly rating game Nom or Vom...

 So I look at beards, I talk beards on twitter and one day someone (@kykaree ) said "I think you need a beard hall of fame section on your blog, with cards we hand out..." and this made me think that I should have a beard hall of fame section on my blog, with cards you hand out.

To start the project off I asked twitter to email me beard pics. Twitter is notoriously short of attention span (though not of beards) so many people tweeted me pictures of beards and didn't email. What ever, I have beards.

Here is some hirsute manliness

and I have created a card for you to download, print and carry, giving you both the added courage and a reward for the beard wearer, should you feel the urge to photograph and email me the beards you see.

In future the Beard Hall of Fame will have it's own Page. And it shall be here.

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