RHS Flower Show - Hampton Court

Two men strolling along the side of the Thames

"are you going to the flower show?"

"Hampton Court?"

"No I always walk this way"

Ancient jokes aside, DD and I attended Hampton Court Flower show on Sunday and it was glorious. It was of course, hot, as we are in the middle of a heatwave summer. But we enjoyed the day none the less, it was lovely to see our old friend BEE CLEVER the Ecover Bee sculpture, and I was surprised to see how much Ecover was involved in the show! They had sent me 2 free tickets to attend but they sponsored the entire 'Inspire Zone' with innovative garden ideas to save water, the planet and our insect life.

Their concept garden was nice, the plants in it were the stars though, gorgeous blues and pinks encouraging bees and butterflies to hang around. The judges agreed as the garden won gold! There were also plenty of planters (large wooden troughs) sponsored by Ecover and designed by various well known gardeners.

We didn't see half of what was on offer at this great show. Never having been before we were content to meander (sweatily) through the gardens, into the floral display tent and browse the numerous shops. After purchasing a parasol DD found time for a quick paddle, earning her compliments from a lady passing by, on her colourfulness and beauty! We spent some time watching a fashion show, not usually my thing but it was cool in the tent, one model had a moustache and several were topless, so we forced ourselves. There was also a chihuahua (called Sweetpea) in a dress.


We went into a bee tent too! Met some bees and their keepers and had an excellent and informative chat on bee keeping, helping bees and volunteering with local bee groups.

By 4pm we were hot and tired enough to go home, so it was farewell to the lovely gardens, our friend the bee and the grandeur or Hampton Court, a leisurely boat ride to the station and off home.

All 111 photos I took can be seen HERE on my flickr account

Thanks to Ecover for the tickets.

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