Pimp my Chimp

You know when you are asked to look at someone's blog to review or comment?

No, me neither. But today my luck changed and I was asked and then I panicked because what if it was totally crap? The writer considers me a friend (based mostly on the fact he used a picture of my nipple as wallpaper on a colleague's pc ...but I digress) and I hate having to say bad things or lie...

So phew, it turns out his blog is pretty witty. Probably more witty than mine, certainly as ranty.

so if you hate IT (we all do) or if you love IT (weirdo) but like laughing at stupid people, I think you'll enjoy The Chimping Dandy

I know I did.

Ps. Its true about the nipple


  1. That's pretty cool. A great way to tell people about a new blog you've found/been shown.

  2. Thank you for your kind words, one does ones best where one can. My only hope is that one day, I will be able to look back and say - 'Of all the great reviews my Blog ever got, The Tattooed Mummy's was certainly the first'

    P.S. Must do a blog focusing on my beard...


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