I'm gonna wash that ..... right outta my hair..

P1000993 So, I was at Glastonbury last week. 

You all know this as I don't shut up about it. See I'm even talking about it now! and it was glorious, so glorious I shall do actual blog posts ALL ABOUT GLASTONBURY FESTIVAL, but this is not about the festival, it's about a giveaway and shampoo. 

So there is a tenuous link because at a festival, unless you are some kind of weirdo clean freak, you don't wash much. There are some oddballs that are happy to waste half a day of their festival experience queuing for a shower but I'm not one of them. It's a few days people, stand near the loos they will mask your stench, we won't die in 5 days of not washing. It's why God invented wet wipes*

However I did cave in and wash my hair after 3 days; in a bucket of cool water by the tent though, I'm still not wasting time! And once back in the land of the non hippy, the clean, the 'normal' I get clean again, a bath and a shower or two and I feel all sparkling as the grime washes away. Washing your hair is lovely isn't it, getting all clean and silky again.

And Vosene are celebrating getting a brank spanking** new Facebook page so they want to give you, my loyal blog reader, the chance to get clean and silky! (not that you are skanky...though you may be...)  With a free selection of Vosene Shampoos (Just think one of each of the core product range could be yours to wallow in! Better than mud! and smells lovely). So all you need to do is use that Rafflecopter Thingy to enter the competition, you will need to have a Facebook account. UK only and all other usual boring rules apply(see T&C on Rafflecopter).


*Disclaimer God may not have specifically invented wet wipes but he gave us the idea and the ability so it's the same thing.

**Disclaimer there is no spanking that I am aware of on the Vosene Facebook page. But there are handy top tips and general  niceness


  1. My mum used Vosene on us as kids (40 odd years ago!!!) Great giveaway. Sue x

  2. 100% wet wipes! Who'd queue for an hour in the mud to shower in a plastic cubicle?!

  3. Ps i'd be for wet wipes :-)

  4. Wet wipes, so much easier.

  5. Great Giveaway, last time I went to glastonbury waas with a donut seller paid to work at glastonbury and it was wet wipes and squity anti bac gel that kept us clean!


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