Rant, moan, rant - are we too whiney?

So a heated exchange on twitter about a  blog post I retweeted and a question I asked a week earlier have led to this post.

I had wondered if we get a skewed view of a company due to bloggers being more likely to post negative ranty (haha pot kettle etc) posts than cheerful ones about events, products etc. So I Asked bloggers what they were more likely to write about.

A few bloggers did admit they were more likely to rant or at least to write more in a ranty post, than they did in a happy one. I certainly know from experience that writing angry is easier than writing happy!

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Most bloggers also said they would usually contact the company first and give them chance to redress any issues. And of course people might blog that a bad day out was saved by a great company response…or not.

I have blogged about dreadful service in restaurants, rudeness of car drivers, and probably other things I can’t remember. I’ve also blogged about fabulous festivals, great camping trips, and lovely staff on holidays with DD.

It was suggested that ‘moaning is done for the sake of it’ and ‘people should lower their expectations and be happy’.  While obviously sometimes people can moan about trivia and should indeed be taking a critical step back and looking at the bigger picture, on the whole bloggers I’ve read have used a ranty post as a last resort (or a warning to others!) after all else has failed. In my opinion complaining about genuine poor service, faulty products, and a lack of comment from a company is essential, if we just accept whatever we are given at whatever price we will be given worse for more money! Companies are in the business of selling, the customer has a right to expect a reasonable deal and the company expects a profit. No one suggests the old adage that ‘the customer is always right’ anymore, but companies should certainly ensure the customer is at the very least fairly treated and politely dealt with.

What is your experience? Do you moan more than praise? Do you think it’s right to complain or are we becoming a moaning culture where we expect perfection in every case?

I’d love to know what you think.

Thanks to the bloggers on twitter that answered my original questions, and to those that sparked an interesting debate.