Ten Reasons Equal Marriage is a Good Idea

Yesterday I blocked someone on twitter. This is not a rare occurrence for me, people talk some right old cack and if I don't want to see it, I block them. Homophobia for example is something I don't have time for, I'll politely put across the point that they are wrong, then if they get rude, heated, or just spout ridiculous argument, I'm off.

So after being pointed to a "Ten Reasons Gay Marriage is Wrong" type post on the internet and having a swift glance which showed it was basically "because it's not in the bible" and "that gay thing is all a bit nasty" I blocked and left. But I kept thinking about the stupid reasons. So here is my (often tongue in cheek (not those cheeks rude boy!) and not meant to be offensive) reply. 

(I'm using the term gay to cover anything that isn't straight only because I'm lazy and because anything else looks clumsy. Don't feel left out. You are included, unless you are straight obviously)

Ten Reasons Equal Marriage is a Good Idea

  1. Gay people are people. Being gay is not illegal (at least in the UK where I live). People should all be treated the same. (I could probably stop with this reason tbh ..)
  2. God loves people. (see point 1) He makes people different. He wants people to be happy.
  3. The bible has lots of laws in it that change even during the course of the bible, Jesus was very good at changing the rules. Being God I'm pretty sure you can do what you like. Changing the law on marriage would be the work of a moment for our hero, Jesus.
  4. Not everyone believes in God (I know I know, what a shocker) People that don't believe in God also get married. No one minds. Sometimes they eve live happily ever after. ;-)
  5. Marriage is not about procreation. If it was, old people would not be allowed to get married, nor people with known fertility issues. How offensive would that be! Adoption is an option anyway, or, surrogacy, or in the case of ladies, having their own baby by donor. So get over it, gay people can have kids, or not, it doesn't matter, they should still be able to get married.
  6. Civil partnership was described by someone on the radio today as 'marriage lite' (by someone being positive about it!!)  I found that so offensive I almost crashed the car. If civil partnership is 'marriage lite' then it needs replacing, because marriage should be fattening, due to being happy and relaxed and in love and having cake :-) (see what I did there)
  7. Gay people are good at parties. They know how to organise and dress right and make great menus and cocktails. Well OK not all of them, probably about the same as straight people if we are honest, but it sounds fun so I'm leaving it it. Gay parties would have more feathers and glitter.
  8. Gay people should be allowed to be miserable and get less sex just like the rest of us. (It's an old joke but I'm slinging it in regardless) Why shouldn't two women in love moan about who does the shopping, argue about who wears which dress, have to pick up each others wet towels.
  9. Equal Marriage would be good because all the 'offended' people would have to shut up. Be offended. I'm offended there is no equal marriage.You don't have to marry anyone you don't want to. Blimey you can even stop inviting them to your dinner parties (though that would drastically reduce the fabulousness of the said party - see point 7). And no, no on is going to marry a sheep.
  10. Because I said so. It's as good a reason as any other. How can marriage be a bad thing? Encouraging people to openly declare their love, to make a commitment, to take responsibility, to be happy and a loving family. If you are against that, you may have some serious issues.
I am straight, and a Christian, and married. But I once met a gay person*

*at least one of my chums blogs over here and offered advice on this post to confused little me, Thanks Pete :-)

Also thanks to Tweeter secret Dom