No Mojo (aka the one where i whinge)

I think I've lost my mojo, my blogging mojo obviously - in all other areas I'm filled with mojo, seriously mojo-d to the brim (as it were) but blogging? not so much.

So I'm blogging this post to clear my head, ramble a bit and try to find my missing mojo.

It hasn't helped that the weather has been shit for the time of year, unrelenting cold, wind, grayness, drizzle, rain, snow, hail ... you name it, it's been flung at the UK lately, oh except sun, and warmth, if you named sun you are out of luck. I had a festival to go to and it was fun but it was fun despite the weather, not because of it. There was wind so strong the main festival tents had to be moved and my own tent waved like a cats tail in a room of grumpy foxes. I really thought it might collapse altogether, though in the end it stayed erect...mojo worked there at any rate... but on the whole the weather has depressed me. 

Our garden fence blew down, I have to spend time and money getting that fixed. Our heating is STILL on and we are cold and all my summer dresses are taunting me from the wardrobe "oh look" they cry, "you have at least 6 of us! haha you won't have time to wear us all! the summer won't be six days long at this rate!"

And the media also is a mine of misery. Political decisions based on the roll of a die or the loudest yahoo at the meeting. Tornadoes (yes I realise my weather whinge pales into insignificance but as I've said before, a greater catastrophe than mine does not lesson my pain or distress), and now bloody murder, closely followed by right wing ranters all over the place...I'm not racist but...yeah you probably are then..

And stories of people I know on twitter and blogs having horrible family news, cancer, losing children, troubled pregnancies, family bereavements...

So with all this how can I blog funny? or even rant funny? there is no funny. No wonder my blog didn't make it to the finals of the Brilliance in Blogging awards. I wouldn't have voted for myself at the moment. Gloom gloom gloom.

Luckily I have a week off next week, I will spend time relaxing, seeing DH and DD and hopefully having some fun. Maybe, if i look hard enough, I'll even find my mojo.

Pointless Morris Dancers

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