Charity Tuesday - Lunches and World Vision

For the last few days I've been muttering about finding out more about child sponsorship with World Vision. 
I already donate a regular amount each month, not a lot but it's regular and helps with all manner of horrible situations around the world. Sometimes when a new humanitarian disaster looms I top up with a larger donation. But I loved the idea of sponsoring a child, I guess when you have a child of your own you really do become a parent of all children, you can't help yourself, you feel actual pain at seeing a child in distress (OK maybe not the whining kid at the check out in Sainsbury's but most kids) and then when Jessie J shaved her head for Comic Relief and said she did it because she didn't want it to be an instant thing, because she wanted a reminder that charities need money all the time, it was a nudge for me to get on with it.

The minimum amount to sponsor a child with World Vision is 75p a day. £22.80 a month.

Then today the Guardian asked people on Twitter to Tweet pictures of school lunches, with hilarious results. Of course it started off OK, a few lunch boxes (DD's included) with wholemeal rolls and some fruit, then sushi, then humus and suddenly we were into middle class one-up-manship and it all went a bit ... Well see for yourself (Click here for the sensible pictures and here for the silly ones - it may be hard to tell the difference)

DD's Lunch today , featuring a roll she made for herself

And I thought about kids around the world that have no lunch at all, no crisps, (probably never seen a crisp) no bread, nothing, breakfast if they are lucky, a long walk to school (if they are lucky) and maybe a meal later after chores, and I had the final push I needed to ring World Vision and get on with it!

So, later this month we will receive our sponsor pack. We are sponsoring a little girl in Uganda with the rather cute name Kiiza. I can't wait to 'meet' her, apparently she is 5, is from a family where the dad has left, has 3 siblings and she likes drawing. I am silly excited.

So there's my Charity Tuesday. Do you have a favourite charity? or are you a 'donate to who ever whenever' sort of person? Regular donations? or sporadic ones? 

Hoping everyone's Tuesday is a happy one today.

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