The one where no animals die in the preparation of my dinner

I'm not a vegetarian, but I love vegetarian food, and Indian food, so when a friend of mine offered to lend me her favourite vegetarian cook book (By none other than the famous animal eater Hugh Fearnley-Whatshisname ) I leapt at the chance. And the recipes all looked and sounded great!

But not only that they seemed like they would be easy to make and they sounded tasty! Finally after much scurrying about to find cumin seeds, I cooked the lentil dhal this evening .

And it was so easy, so cheap, so delicious that I've decided I must have a copy of the book for my very own. So if Santa is reading.....

and in all honesty, I recommend you pop it on your Christmas list ... if you don't have a surfeit of cookbooks already, and assuming you've been good this year :-)

Slicing onions (complete with tears - I read on twitter this week that the way to avoid crying when cutting onions was to not get too emotionally attached)

and then boiling the lentils

frying the onions with the cumin seeds

and adding them to the now softened lentils...

and then, grabbing some flat bread and scoffing the dhal!

It has been brought to my attention that this post is not Nigella-y enough. I do apologise.

Remember to take care when eating the dhal by scooping it up in soft flat bread, it could fall into your cleavage, and then where would you be!


  1. This really made me lol, still giggling. Also I love Dall but usually make a sag aloo to go with it.

    1. it's tricky photographing your own boobs! And there is a saag aloo recipe in the book too - might try that next!

  2. Anonymous27/11/12

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