Power is cheap

Once upon a time an elf company sold a magic product. They sold it to 100 people, each person had a chat about what they wanted and paid what the elves suggested. They were all very happy with what they paid and it suited them.

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50 people paid £1000 a month for the ongoing use of the magic. 50 people paid £100 a month but the elves were happy, they needed £55000 to make a profit.

Then a wizard said it was unfair, everyone should get the cheap price. So he cast a spell enforcing the cheapest price for everyone.

Now the company only made £10000 a month! Disaster!, quickly the company elves recalculated the prices,if everyone was on the cheapest price, then they needed to raise it!

£55000 divided by 100 was £550,so they made that the new cheapest price and the higher price £10000. Now everyone paid £550

50 people were very happy, but the other 50 were very, very sad.

The wizard was very happy indeed. But no one had ever liked the wizard anyway.

The End

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