You know what annoys me?...

stream of annoyance follows...

  • People that don't indicate, especially at roundabouts, I'm not a mind reader - bloody signal
  • People that stop in a slip road when they don't need to, learn to drive! stop shilly shallying about, get on with it!
  • Bum cleavage, on men or women, looks vile, and I bet your kidneys are cold, learn to dress yourself and work out what size you actually are.
  • People wearing clothes that are too small, it doesn't make you look skinnier it makes you look fatter, wear the right size, or diet back into the smaller ones.
  • Leggings that are actually tights and therefore see through. just *vomit* blergh, wear leggings, or wear a dress/shorts and tights. Don't go out in just tights, hideous
  • Uggs. Shuffling horrors that get soggy and worn at the sides in minutes, grubby monstrosities
  • Wearing PJs outside the home. No excuse unless you are on your way to A&E. 
  • The media creating bandwagons for idiots to leap on, heck we all leap on them. Stop pre-judging crimes. Let the courts do it.
  • Facebook.
  • People that don't clean up after their dogs - I'd rub their noses in it to teach them a lesson
  • Parents that swear at small children
  • TV commercials
  • Unnecessarily huge cars
  • Smart phone battery life (or lack of it - it isn't any use being smart if you are asleep when i need you)
  • People that can't leave a public toilet (or any toilet!) clean for the next person.
  • Fridges that appear full and yet have NOTHING you fancy eating in them
  • Instant coffee, especially when it is called 'coffee' as in "would you like a coffee?" so that you have to ask "is it real or instant?" then you look like a coffee snob (which I am) you wouldn't offer a cup of instant tea without mentioning it was instant! (and yes there is instant tea, and yes it is a nasty as it sounds)
  • Luke warm milk. (unless you are getting it direct from the source milk should be ice cold)
  • Misleading labels on food like "fresh" or "light" or "low fat" or "green"  most of them are meaningless (what is 'fresh' all about? as opposed to 'stale'?) Low fat is almost always high in sugar, and low salt can have more salt than another brand.
  • Wasps
  • Stuff women are supposed to do to be 'pretty' or even just 'women'; shaving legs, painting nails, shaving underarms, wearing up thrust bras, make up, false eyelashes, high heels, hair conditioner, hair dye, wearing jewellery... I don't mind doing some of them some of the time but give us a break! It's not essential to life!
  • Getting old
  • 80's fashions being 'in' again, and remembering them from the first time round and knowing they were dreadful even then
  • Not being allowed to be naked when we want to be 
  • Intolerance where it doesn't affect you, like racism or homophobic or being anti-gay marriage, or anti religion
  • Poor grammar (Sod's law states I have made at least 13 grammatical errors in this blog post - I'm talking about genuinely not having a clue not the odd mistake)
  • The loss of innocence as kids grow up - it's all over so quickly

  • Vegetarians (just kidding - wanted to see if you were still awake)
  • and lastly? judgemental people ...yeah yeah I know - *puts self on naughty step*


  1. Oh god yes!!!

    Although I confess I do drive quite a large car, but I am good at knowing it's size so don't cause school-run mayhem like lots of women in those awful Mum-wagons.

    But muffin tops, camel toe, transparent leggings etc. Urgh! And don't start me on those cheap knock-off Uggs that slop over and people walk on the inside of them instead of the sole!!!

    Wanna know when I last de-fuzzed my legs? Do you? Do you???

    As for instant coffee........

    1. camel toe LOL I'm never sure - I mean we are built like that - but yes, tends to be when things are too tight....I shaved under my arms at the weekend...just so you know

    2. Anonymous8/4/13

      I like a nice big juicey bit of camel toe

      See if you can guess who I am

  2. I've heard about these leggings that are seethrough and basically tights but never actually seen anyone in them..

    Can't STAND instant coffee. Can't stand the smell. ugh.

    Rather like 80's fashion in a nostalgic kinda way, and don't mind getting old.

    And the prettifying thing - yeah, often do SOME of those things SOME of the time for my own (and, to a certain extent, my husband's) amusement. But the idea that you fall over DEAD if you don't do them ALL, ALL THE TIME - as adverts (yuk, also hate adverts) would have you believe - oh FOAD!

    1. I saw some of the 'leggings' today - always on the larger lady - eek!

      some 80s fashions I'll let you have, rara skirts? nono

  3. Oh I agree with most of those points. Careful I don't go off on a rant myself.

  4. Bwahaha. I agree with almost all of them. Especially the indicater one. Is it just me or is it only huge cars and new cars that don't seem to come with indicaters? I think they're optional nowadays and cost a bloody fortune to install.
    And about the Unnecessarily huge cars; I hate them. I always wonder if the people who drive them gave birth to a fricking football team. But more annoying is something that i see happen every day. My neighbour thinks her car is at least twice the size it actually is. Just the other day I left a gap big enough to fit her car (peugeot 206 station) in and another small car. But when she got home she couldn't park her car... Learn to bloody park or don't drive at all. It's not hard to park a car...

  5. LOVE this post - and agree with most of them - especially people who don't indicate, or pick up after their dogs.
    But *goes in confessional box* I do drink instant coffee.
    Just lately I HATE people who ask you a question when they're not willing to listen to the answer.
    You know, people who just want to have a go at you and say things like "Did you know you're not supposed to park there?" and when you're trying to give an answer/explanation they carry on ranting at you?
    *steps down off soapbox and goes to lie down in a darkened room*

    1. Glad to see this provoked some rage - hope you are calmer soon

  6. Anonymous19/10/12

    Yeah, still awake ... just.

    1. I know who you are you know! (just saying!) :-)

  7. *jumps up and down yelling YES YES YES!*

  8. Anonymous23/10/12

    could i add "people who don't acknowledge your courteousness when you let them out of a drive / junction etc"

    that really winds me up that does, so much so there's a street in my village that i'll *never* let anyone out of because too many of its occupants have not waved their thanks when i've let them into the traffic of a morning, so they've spoilt it for the whole street

    (irrational? me?)

  9. I agree wih it all, especially full fridges with no "food" and people who cant indicate...

    I have my legs occasionally, it feels nice :)

  10. Add people who talk and/or text and use mobile phones in a CINEMA while a film is playing! I would actually behead these people if I were allowed and hang their heads on spikes outside the movie theater as a warning to all!

  11. Things that have annnoyed me today:
    Paid hospital parking, courgettes, doctors, country music, people who use full beam, pens that run out, children, 5 a fucking day, cooking dinner, hoovering, bloody UCAS, solicitors, soon-to-be-ex-husbands, stupid people, typos, printers, banks and people who post spoilers of shows I've not seen yet. Specifically The Walking Dead Episode 4. BASTARDS.

    (Sorry for the 'language') x

  12. We are worryingly similar :/

    Stu (@stusfood)

  13. Good list of raging things, instant coffee and Facebook aside I agree wholeheartedly. Mind you I am so used to people not indicating now that I rarely get annoyed by it.

  14. Ha ha... you made me laugh out at some of them ;)


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