What I want...(a selfish post)

I have been tagged! Yippee! By the lovely Older Single Mum - You can read what she wants here

I wanted to be tagged!

I want to go to bed and no one wake me up for any reason at all until I am ready to wake up.

I want all bacon to be crispy. And have no calories.

I want beer to be served in McDonalds.(see VBiC's Blog here!!)

I want to win the lottery (don't we all)

I want to be able to walk in heels again.

I want to be a (UK) size 10 

I want everyone to be nice to each other

But you know what I want most of all? I want my DD to be happy. She is already smart, beautiful, healthy and generally perfect (may be some parental bias here) And I want her to be happy forever, to never have her heart broken, to never be poor,  to never fail, to never miss out on things she wants...

...of course that's silly, I want her to live, to experience all the riches of life, then emerge (relatively) unscathed and pass on her knowledge and love to another generation.

I don't want much

I pass this to ....the 1st 5 people to comment on this post. I want comments, I want to know what you want!