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I do reviews, not too many I hope, but I do them. I only review products I use or would use. So was quite pleased to be asked to try Ecover Zero. I already use Ecover non-biological washing liquid, but this was new, no colour, no scent (yes @mamacrow NO SCENT!) no additives, just a basic, kind to the environment, kind to skin, range of clothes washing liquid and, amazingly, fabric conditioner.

I was also sent a dish washing liquid to try in the same, colour-free, scent-free range. We do not have a dish washer (except me) so that was put straight to work. Very foamy, cleaned grease very well and DD noticed the difference from our usual liquid on the first day.

"Mum, this glass is really clean, we never have clean glasses" (*ahem* obviously we always have clean glasses but she meant that it was streak free)
So I'm fairly sold on the dish washing liquid, I love the lack of smell left on the dishes and the lack of stupid colour (why is washing up liquid the colour of methadone btw?)

But for clothes washing reviews we must ask my darling husband, yes ladies, I realise you are jealous but in our house the lovely Mr Tattooed Mummy does the housework, including the washing.

So I asked him for a verdict. He was a little surprised about a clothes conditioner with no smell, "it's the smell I like" he said, but the washing came out clean, fresh (no 'artificial' 'air freshener' type smell) and the clothes don't feel scratchy (we have no tumble dryer so they are line dried) So I think that's a result. He is happy to use it again as he doesn't like biological liquids, both he and DD have delicate skin.

If you have an aversion to artificial smells, if you like the environment, if you have sensitive skin, then EcoverZero might be just what you are looking  for. And if you spill it, it doesn't leave green/blue stains all over the kitchen.

  • Looks 9/10 
  • Value For money 8/10 
  • Usability/Usefulness 10/10 
  • Fun 6/10


  1. Yes!! THIS!!! I've been using Ecover stuff for years, pretty much the full range, dishwasher tablets, washing up liquid, laundry liquid & softener (they do do ones with gentle subtle scents too) and household cleaning products. I can't bear the smell of conventional cleaners and fabric softeners, the lack of scent, as well as the reduced environmental impact and gentleness to skin makes Ecover a winner in my book.

  2. (Where do I get my cotton tote bag from???)

    1. :-) no idea, try signing up to their mailing list.


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