Dear McDonalds

I love you. I want to make this clear from the start, our from the "get go" as you Americans say. We have a dangerous relationship where you are a "feeder" but I'll be honest, I encourage it.

I like your breakfasts best.

Who am I kidding, I love your breakfasts. I love the muffins full of greasy goodness. I love that you serve pancakes with bacon and syrup, because, while it's not very British of me to admit, I adore bacon and syrup.
I love the choices of drink, the orange juice that lets me kid myself I've had a healthy breakfast. The milk that let's me pretend I care about my bone health.

But the coffee...ah the coffee... Now the coffee has improved, I admit that. I like the taste. But you have temperature issues don't you? The hotter the coffee the better? Is that your thought? You are wrong.

Remember the old adage "boiled coffee is spoiled coffee"? You would imagine that having a court case where a woman was scalded would have given you a wake up. But no. this morning I had to wait twenty minutes before I could drink my coffee without losing all the skin on my tongue. Twenty minutes! Imagine how hot it was! Sort it out. You are spoiling an otherwise perfect breakfast.

Lots of love

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  1. I'm sure they have special machines so they super heat their drinks. I also love bacon and syrup, it sounds wrong but it's delicious. However, we were relying on McDonalds a bit too often towards the end of last year, it's easy to stop at when we're in the van and Gareth (with a nut allergy) can always safely eat it. So we set ourselves the challenge of not eating there (or at other similar places) for a year. 7 months in and we don't miss it, maybe we won't go back?


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