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I was really excited about the Sports even that shall not be named. Not at first I admit, but gradually I came round to realising that it was going to be a historic event, something good in a  time of recession. I stopped worrying about how much it would cost and concentrated on what it would achieve. 

Sport would be highlighted in schools. Kids and young athletes would be encouraged. The Paralympics would show disabled people in a positive light, moving them away from the 'benefit scrounger' image they seem to have gained.

The Ticket 'lottery' was horrible. It felt weird, and unfair, to order more tickets than you needed? or to just order what you required and risk disappointment? To order in some kind of 'double guessing' way by selecting sports that you imagine to be 'unpopular' ... but what if everyone did that? To order in the highest price band or the lowest? It was a nightmare and in the end I ordered the cheapest options in what I wanted to see and only what I could afford.

I was one of the lucky few it seems as I got nearly all the tickets I applied for! So the excitement grew again. The thought of seeing top athletes in a massive new arena  or pool, cheering on my country with DD at my side.

Kindly donated by @Kungpofanda at Twitter

The  transport looked like it might be tricky. We live close to London (an hour on the train) but even so the journeys seems long and complicated, we were advised to leave 'extra time' so I did. I booked the tickets on the train even though they cost more than the tickets. I felt smug and organised.

And then the emails started...and the texts telling me to read and observe the rules in the emails ... "or else you may not see your event". That sounded ominous and threatening. 

Suggestions to arrive TWO HOURS earlier than the event, after I had purchased tickets (planning to arrive 30 minutes early) Suddenly an early morning train journey became a dawn/milk train journey - 5.14am for an event that starts at 9am. And then the searches, the rules on 'excessive' food (what is excessive? who decides how many maltesers is acceptable?) the ban on liquids, on large flags, umbrellas, kittens. Where was the fun? Where was the excitement?

And now missiles on roofs of ordinary peoples flats ('you are at no danger' they are told - 'so why the missiles and armed guards then?' I would reply) A lack of security from the company PAID and CONTRACTED to provide them. Soldiers brought in from our troops aroud the world to patrol a sporting event! Allegations of free tickets to top events for the great and 'good'...., And finally the crown, we can no longer even mention the games (and possibly the year, the word summer or the metalic colour of the medals) without getting sued..

I admit, I'm losing the love. I want to get the love back. I want the Sports Event that cannot be named to feel like a Sporting Event of a Lifetime, not a War.

Toy Soldier Picture Credit : National Museum of Play Online Collections

edited to add  the no kittens pic


  1. OK. Ya got me!
    I really did go looking for Kittens on that link..

    [Rolls eyes]

  2. I'm not going to any events, the ticket lottery put me off going for any.

    But I was excited. In truth, I'm still excited about the events. But all the background noise is becoming deafening. Of course it's essential that we aren't accused of a lack of preparation should the worst happen, but FFS, ten thousand soldiers? Really?

  3. No kittens? how ridiculous is that. That's it - I'm boycotting it. Well I didn't actually buy tickets - but if I had I would boycott it. And I don't live anywhere near London - but if I did I would boycott it. That will show them...

    1. I don't blame you. I shall take a small picture of a kitten in to look at .. :-(

  4. I'm boycotting it because the bastards can't be arsed to email me to day 'sorry, youre over qualified to direct traffic into a car park'

    1. They are short of security - and you are very scary....

  5. When does it start? Will I be there for it? Any tips on avoiding it? I'll be in Leeds. I'm assuming we won't allow it that far north, but you never know, there might be some spill over.

  6. The Olympics couldn't have happened here at a worse time politically, socially, financially - To me at least, it seems like the best thing that has come out of this is that some of our troops are being brought home.

  7. Anonymous16/7/12

    Too far away for me.


    CJ x


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