A Week In Tweets


Thanks to Slummy Single Mummy for the idea, and to Very Bored in Catalunya for reminding me about it!

Here is my week in (7 or so) tweets (and yes I know it's the wrong day - rules are meant for breaking)

Saturday 7th April

Haha all the beard talk last night. I had the funnest dream. I was reading a book about "dating for bearded men" on a train when...

..a guy got on and sat behind me and started to shave his chest hair with an electric razor...lol

Sunday 8th April

You know when you buy curry on Saturday night but you only eat half.....STUFFED WITH LEFT OVER CURRY NOW! (I won't comment on what time of day this tweet was written)

Monday 9th April

I'm a bit bored. I might take some pictures and share them on instagram. Not tweet them though. Just pictures of my house..

Tuesday 10th April

I do love sock monkeys, I would like to try and make one . I wonder who invented the sock monkey?

Wednesday 11th April

I just used the word Tallywhacker in a conversation with a work colleague

Thursday 12th April

I need to book at or my bro will kill me (still haven't done it - now waiting on work to confirm the time off I can have)


My favourite festival is following me! *does hippy joy dance*

Friday 13th April

oh yay! I'm talking again! (we should have a mooncup twitter party with a free mooncup on offer )

So there you have it - anyone reading this who has never ventured onto twitter can now confirm that we do indeed talk about a whole lot of random useless crap

But anyone that is already there will know that the conversations these tweets sparked or related to, were fantastic! Are you on Twitter? Why not come and play.

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