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I have been tagged by an idiot sorry a mean person oops gosh autocorrect is on fire today, I MEANT to say I have been  tagged by that nice chap Oliver over at http://millsandboonwannabe.blogspot.com/ to do a meme thingamybob.

I have to list 7 blog posts I admire

Then list 7 things about myself

Then answer 7 questions set by that nice chap, set 7 questions of my own and pass on the whole shebang!

Phew, So here goes

Posts I admire..(is admire the right word? some I just adore, hope that's OK)

Now 7 things about me

  1. I only have one tattoo. Yes I'm sure you imagine me like a Victorian tattooed lady but actually it's sort of a joke, I have one tattoo, of a dragon, on my arm.
  2. I'm CRB checked. Who isn't these days! you want to glance at a child you have to have clearance, I have it thrice....
  3. When I was young I frequently tortured by younger brother, if he yelled I always claimed he started it. He got into trouble more than me
  4. I was taken to see Jaws at the cinema by a German exchange student, I was underage but she took me anyway. I was terrified and wouldn't even paddle in the sea for years afterwards.
  5. I love facial hair on men, actually i love hairy men, I think hairy men are macho. My own hubby is balding but has a fine beard and 'tache to make up for it :-)
  6. I am terrified of spiders(especially wolf spiders). I held a tarantula at Longleat last year thinking it would cure the fear but it has only cured the fear of tarantulas....damn
  7. I can't swim (I blame the Germans)

Katie Price or Kristin Scott Thomas? hmm not knowing who Kristin is and not being a fan of Katie can i say neither?
What is the most beautiful view you’ve ever seen? (And no mush about newborn babies please – I mean a proper view, like with fields and all). I shall go with the Elan Valley in Wales I think
What is the most revolting thing you’ve ever eaten? Liver, I was made to eat it at school and I puked it over the dinner lady.
What, if anything, makes you cry? Since having my daughter loads of stuff! Dumbo's mum singing t Baby of Mine is a dead cert for tears.
Who, in your opinion, has/had the most beautiful face ever? Johnny Depp
If you had to live in another era, when would you choose? Edwardian I think, maybe Victorian but I prefer Edwardian fashion
Why? oops Jumped ahead, the fashion. And obviously only if I was a 'lady' not a drudge
Which work of art would you most like to own? I do own quite a bit of art but I would love something like Bruegel's Triumph of Death  or Saturn Devouring his Son by Goya
Everyone has a book in them, apparently. What’s yours about? hold on that's more than 7!! cheater Mine would be a vampire novel obviously, about child vampires,,,
What’s your most embarrassing moment? Falling head first into Wallis while saying (loudly) to a mate 'I Love this shop!'
What’s your best physical feature? not sure I can pick one...I'm pretty much perfectly gorgeous all over!

And now my 7 questions
  1. Do you have a favourite child? Either one of yours or someone elses! Why?
  2. What was your first pet (not family pet - your own)? if you have never had a pet which would you most like to own?
  3. Can you play any musical instrument and if so what?
  4. Do you speak more than one language? Which ones?
  5. How old were you when you had your first proper kiss and what were the circumstances?
  6. How many and which countries have you visited?
  7. If you cold only eat one meal over and over again for the rest of your life what would it be?
Phew! all done. Now to pass it on!

I tag

ChickenRuby - cos she is a layabout with time on her hands

The Sardine Tin because - well why not!

The Moiderer because she makes me laugh

Crazy in Cambs - because she was crazy enough to ask! 

VBC - cos she's got a mouth on her!

MamaCrow - because she squealed and I luv her

and Pippa D because I've met her and she's a real person!

Jump to it!


  1. Executed with style and grace, as expected. I didn't mean to cheat - I merged the meme with another from Middle-Aged Matron that asked for 11 questions; sorry to have comoliacted things. I'm right there with you on the Edwardians. I do admire a nice Gibson Girl! So I'm sure you're a Kristin type; go Google her. BTW, SAHD's done it...

  2. I'll get onto it in the morning...am tired from being a layabout, I'll have you know it's hard work

  3. Anonymous1/3/12

    if you cold only eat one meal? does this show an inherent desire to eat leftovers

  4. Thankyou. I don't think I can do this! There is no way I can single out 7 posts, or think of 7 questions to ask 7 other people! But thanks for thinking of me anyway and I'm glad I make you laugh :D

    I did write a blog post about my first kiss many moons ago so as compensation for being pants and not taking part, I have posted it here.


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