Christmas Decoration Exchange

Thanks for the interest! I now have about 16 people signed up (although a couple may be the same person!! LOL I get confused with twitter, blog and real names!!) I'm happy to have a few more if you have not signed up yet.

You really do need to send me your address and email address though - you can safely use the contact page on this blog - or DM me on twitter for my email.

The plan is to create a sort of 'chain' each person will send to the next on the list - I won't announce who is sending to whom so it will be up to you if you reveal who you are!! Doing it this way means it doesn't matter if an odd number of people join, or if an odd number of people don't want to post outside their country.

It is NOT  a competition, however great or bad you think your decoration is it will be loved as it was made by you! and handmade is always best.

There is no theme, except Christmas, no one is to be offended by religious or non religious items - we are all grown ups (except me) The only proviso is that the item is to be hung on a tree so it needs to either light or small or both.

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  1. Would it be too late to add in a United states person in this? Cuz I'd love to join. =)


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