Can you be lucky?

Today I was thinking about luck and randomly asked twitter what they thought about luck. Is there such a thing? Can you be lucky? Or unlucky? Do you ‘make your own luck’? is luck not a thing at all…

Looking at some timelines on twitter was what made me ponder in the first place, some people seemed to have a timeline full of woe and calamity, illness, lost jobs, broken appliances, sick children, lack of sleep, lack of money, depression, - Wow! I thought, they are unlucky people!

But others had timelines of joy and happiness, kids passing exams, kids saying funny things, bargains bought at boot sales, fivers found in pockets, great jobs, lovely husbands, new pregnancies and I thought – Wow! They are lucky people!

But looking further into some timelines it became obvious that actually, the people were the same. The number of illnesses, missed buses, found money, unexpected phone calls, visiting in laws and the like were often very similar but, and this is the crucial bit, the way they were looked at and spoken about varied a huge amount!

I follow people who have cancer that consider they are 'lucky' people, and wealthy people that think they are unlucky'.

While I’m sure I could do a whole PhD on twitter and optimists and pessimists and luck, a very cursory glance leads me to believe what many of my followers also tweeted in answer to the ‘Can you be lucky?’, that while things happen, the way you approach them can determine if you ‘feel’ lucky or unlucky as a result.

So ask yourself, do you feel lucky?


  1. I am lucky beyond belief despite the fact that I have recently been marooned in germany, my husband needs surgery, and I have kids who half listen to me. I guess it is just all in how you look at it really...cause I got an impromptu tour of Europe, a husband home early from a deployment to Korea...and kids who sometimes listen...

  2. I prefer to avoid pinning events down to strokes of good or bad luck. Every day hundreds of things happen which could be put down to luck.
    My mum in law harps on about the 'bad luck' she's had in her life - events which are all down to poor judgement and lack of acceptance that she played a part. My mum, who had a terrible childhood, her first child drowned at 2, accidents (not her fault) left her in constant pain, you know what? Not once has she used the term 'bad luck'. I intend to follow her example.

  3. It is definately the way you look at thigns that change whether you consider yoruself to be lucky or not. I prefer the term blessed and I am certainly that.

    Mich x


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