My fridge, a meme from eons ago.

Way back when dinosaurs walked the earth I was tagged to blog about the contents of my fridge. Finally you can judge away. You will notice the kitchen is cream and brown while the fridge is silver. This is because I am cheap and the fridge is second hand, bought from a gay mate who needed to change it to colour coordinate.
So first off the fridge is gay. Then you will see it is rather full. Worryingly this is not our only fridge, we have a small one atop the freezer, and there are only 3 of us in the house (not including the dog).
So what is in the fridge? Well not butter, thats in the larder.
The fridge contains:
Brown sauce
Fresh vegetables (and half a cucumber)
Lemon curd
Half a tin of raspberries
Chilli jam
Cranberry sauce
Fresh ground coffee
Pickled jalapenos
Pickled garlic
5 types of cheese
Cranberry juice
Organic apple juice
Free range Eggs
Sliced ham
Soya custard
Benecol drink
Left over cauliflower cheese
Butter wrappers for wiping round cake tins to grease them
It is not a tidy fridge.
The other fridge has beer, wine, spare cheese and a water melon. Oh and dog food
Was it what you expected? And what do you have in your fridge that you consider an essential and I don't even have...?

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  1. Anonymous11/9/11

    Guacamole!! Got to have it for a bacon butty or any kind of Mexican cooking. I can understand the need for 2 fridges. I've got an full american style one that is all fridge (the freezer is bizarrely in the conservatory) and is always worryingly full.


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