#MagpieMonday another #Freecycle Delight

Just a quickie this week. A fabulous freecycle bargain (ie it was FREE!)

We needed a spare bed for the guest room which until now have been used as an office, in fact it will still be an office and I'm sitting in it now typing this, but sometimes we'd like to utilise it for what it was designed, a guest bedroom.

I saw someone offering a futon on freecycle. 'In good condition' well i was sceptical but asked politely and was offered the futon. When I went to collect it i was very pleased to see it was in nearly new condition! Had a lovely cream cover (removable and washable) and was really just what we wanted.

It fits in the room beautifully, and gives us the perfect sofa to sit and watch our freecycled 2nd TV :-)

Posted very late as part of Me and My Shadow


  1. Julie16/5/11

    Fantastic! I keep meaning to look and list on Freecycle... now I will! x

  2. Perfect, there are still some people who know what 'good condition' means after all!

  3. Free stuff is the best stuff!!

    Finally got round to re-registering on Freecycle (or Freegle as ours seems to inexplicable be called now!). Managed to off-load err I mean re-home 3 lawnmowers from our shed this weekend!

    It does look spotless, although from experience I could never manage more than one night on a futon! Still, maybe you don't want your guests to stay forever LOL


  4. wow, such a good find and so lucky for it to be in such good condition :)

  5. Ooooo excellent freebie! Well done!

  6. Congratulations. I must find out if there is a Freegle round here at all. You have much to be proud of here, well done you. My bargain finds are at http://celebratingmums.wordpress.com


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