Giveaway!! Do you like it frequently? (I like it every day)

If you like it frequently then this giveaway is for you!

But first a little preamble….

As you will know, I’m a mummy and I blog, but I don’t think of myself as a “mummy blogger” – to me (and I’m almost certainly wrong!) a ‘mummy blogger’ is a SAHM who has 3 or 4 kids under the age of 5, she works hard to keep a house running, entertains children and blogs at 11pm when she finally has 10 minutes to herself on the laptop. She takes blogging seriously because she might not always get out into the real world everyday, she blogs well, and regularly, mostly about her family and children. She also goes to mums groups and has a life that is mostly centered around young children and other mummies. (don’t be offended I’m sure you are not all the same!)

I on the other hand, am a WOHM and my husband is our 11 year olds main carer (he has been since I went back to work when she was a year). I work full time, am a ‘mummy’ at evenings and weekends, and take DD camping a lot! I have no social life around other mums, my colleagues are nearly all younger than me and childless, I chat mummy stuff online only. I am, however, a ‘mummy taxi’ at weekends.

I blog about whatever pops into my head (which is why you are reading a rambling internal monologue..) , and I blog only when I feel like it – pretty spasmodically. Of course I sometimes blog about family stuff because I love my family, families are important.

Some of us create our own families (by marrying and/or having children) some cling to the family we were born into, some are lucky enough to have both and maybe even a huge extended family. For some families are pets or friends that we have known for so long and are so close to that we are now forever connected.

Vosene contacted me a while ago due to my headlice obsession. And since then they have been generous in giving gifts for blog giveaways, they have been sweet about keeping in touch too.

And now, stop waffling I hear you yell! Get with it – what free thing can we have? Give it to us! And give it to us frequently…..

Well it so happens that giving it to you frequently, ( in the shower would be my choice), is exactly what I plan to do. If you want to be soothed, silky and generally soaped up and clean on a frequent basis then this giveaway is for you!

I have 20 full size bottles of Vosene Frequent wash anti dandruff shampoo to giveaway and all you need to do to claim a bottle is to let me have your email address (via my Contacts page or via Twitter DM) and comment here to tell me your favourite thing to do frequently!

First 20 commenters will be able to do it daily!


  1. Anonymous26/5/11

    Ha! I feel the same, I work full time and try and fit in being a mother around everything else going on. Sometimes I blog a lot, sometimes not at all - if nobody reads I don't lose any sleep.

    We have almost run out of 'pam's shoes' (how it gets written on the shopping list) so I'll take some off your hands! Just dm'd you @seasiderclare

  2. LOL....please don't enter me for a bottle of Vosene I just wanted to say I love your post. I'm a mummy and I blog but I'm not sure I like the term mummy blogger because of the picture it conjures up that you've described. We're all different aren't we...sorry my brain is not working at it's best and can't think of anything more intelligent to say so I've rambled. :)

  3. Anonymous26/5/11

    I don't think of you as a mummy blogger either - more a random crazy person who you wonder what on earth they're going to say or do next ;)

    I guess I'm a mummy blogger, though I think I blog more about activism and issues of late as I just don't have the confidence to think everyone wants to hear about Babyzoids bottom powered jacuzzi baths, or how I intend to go about potty training.

    I'm open to requests though so if a daily log-in-pot count is what people want, I'll do it.

    But not for Vosene, sorry.

    *scratches head and LOOK NO DANDRUFF!* ;)

  4. Anonymous27/5/11

    I absolutely love Vosene! Seriously! I was brought up on it; my dad wouldn't let me mam buy anything else but Vosene!!

    My favourite thing to do frequently? Need you ask? Blogging, of course!

    CJ xx

  5. Great post,I can relate to this. I am a Mum with a busy paid job, I juggle alot of different balls alot. I also love charity shopping, sewing and blogs. I refuse to be pigeon holed, thats why I love this post and your honesty!

  6. Anonymous1/6/11

    I'm a working mum too and I'm not sure how I feel about the term mummy blogger. It definitely has those connotations to me too!

    I'm a blogger who writes about her kid, recipes, make up, music and general ramblings. I suppose I'm a Social Media Mum but that sounds shite too.

    Can I just say I'm someone who pisses about online a lot?

    Oh and I'd love some Vosene. I adore the smell & my husband has dandruff. Which is nice *cough*.


  7. I like to tweet daily...am not really in any box where blogging is concerned.

  8. Anonymous7/6/11

    love vosene, a good old skool favourate. the smell just reminds me of my childhood. hope it does the same for my kids

  9. My favourite thing to do frequently is drink tea! All day, every day! I'm not ashamed! Me and tea have a special bond!
    (p.s. you can email me at livi@princessl.co.uk my address is already on the WWW so no harm popping it here too!)

  10. Oooh, so many things I like to do frequently. Baking cakes with the children, camping, school runs, shopping for clothes with my millions of pounds, hoovering (last two not really).
    I shall DM something to you shortly.


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