Getting Fruity!

A fortnight ago (that's 2 weeks for my American readers) my Darling Daughter asked me to buy starfruit. She had had some once, long ago at school when they had a 'tasting day' and had liked it. I also like starfruit, so I bought one.

For those not in the know, it looks like this

and once sliced it is obvious why it is so named
I described it as tasting like a cross between an apple and a lemon, but the one 
I had was a little green :-). Any way the starfruit came home, was sliced, and DD took a tentative nibble before declaring, "I don't really like it, it wasn't like this at school". So I ate the starfruit.

This week she requested I buy a pomegranate. "Do you really like them?" I asked, "Yes, I love them, we should have them all the time!" "OK"
So I bought a pomegranate and presented it at breakfast

DD "what's that?"
Me "A Pomegranate"
DD "oh, OK"

I opened the pomegranate, i lovingly separated the pearls of ruby delights (stolen phrase from twitter)  and gave her some in a bowl. A tentative nibble, some mumbles, some discussion of if eating seeds would kill us. Finally........

Me "you didn't mean pomegranate did you? this isn't what you were expecting?"
DD "nope"
Me "what were you expecting?"
DD "a round purple thing, when you cut it, it's orange inside and squishy with black seeds that you spit out"
Me "ah"
Quick trip to Twitter to ask

Turns out she meant Passion Fruit!

So today I am eating pomegranate.
Who knows, soon I may be eating passion fruit.